Orientalism Express



After crossing the Atlantic and numerous trips from the Basque Coast, to Monte Carlo or the Lake Maggiore, for the Summer of 2014, the Robinson man choses to board on the mythic Orient Express down east to Budapest.

For this long adventure, the brand offers a new line that allows the Robinson man to bring not only his swimsuit, but also his sweaters, t-shirts, pants and other items of his extented wardrobe.

For this sportsman who also knows how to enjoy each relaxing moment and how to take care of himself, the 2014 collection highlights new prints inspired by the ceramics that we find in the Hungarian thermal baths. The swimsuits contemporary touch comes from the architectural diving boards made of concrete.

Comfort is the center piece of the new line.

A wider after - beach range now accompanies this modern times gentleman outside of the pool and the beach, resulting in a successfully completed collection for 2014. The Robinson man is now ready to take the plunge.

2014 Budapest

Movie realization : Christian Lartillot


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