Eclectic journey in the Balearic Islands

Our 2015 Robinson man just left the old continent for a trip to the Balearic islands. He is fascinated by this destination and sees the islands as an exotic refuge in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Robinson man is here to connect with nature, exercise with fervor, relish in the frenzy of nightlife.... but also to find a place where he can disconnect.

This is the perfect place to escape surrounded by sea and nature... Bathing at sunset and luxuriating in endless nights.

From the jet-setter to the style icon to the King of Spain, many unique characters are here to soak up the heat of the summer....

The SS15 collection combines many styles, which lends to a free-spirited sensibility.
These inspirations can be seen in the pops of color, the contrasts and the bold patterns from the late 60’s. The new silhouettes focus on comfort in order to let movement flow freely. The clothes are lighter.

It is the perfect expression of freedom.

As always, series are limited to 100 pieces per model and pattern, in order for our clients to embrace the free-spirited nature of the collection and distinguish themselves from their neighbor, be it at the beach or in the city.



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